Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Italian Torrone – the treat of treats

Unless you're Italian, you may never have heard of torrone. It's not well known outside of Italy though it may be found in some American gourmet shops. It has an ancient heritage—possibly dating back to the Roman Empire. Legend has it that torrone was so highly prized that early Italians even included it as part of their female child's dowry.

Torrone is a hard crunchy caramel like Italian nougat that may be served with tea or more traditionally after a big holiday feast. It also makes a nice gift—torrone bars can be  conserved for a long time and may be nicely wrapped. In Italy torrone is associated with the holidays. It's a typical ending to an Italian Christmas feast.

This light treat has a melt in your mouth quality and is suitable for experimentation.
      Torrone can be eaten as it is, or crushed as a topping for cakes or as a layer for a 
      homemade ice cream cake. Be careful, though; it can be highly addictive.

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