Arts & crafts have always been a field of inspiration and enjoyment for me since I was young.

I was born and raised in New York City by my greek parents. I learned to crochet and knit when I was 7 while on vacation in Greece. I distinctly remember the time when I was 7 and visited my grandmother. Having discovered a dozen of her crochet and knitting magazines in the attic I was so thrilled that I sat for hours just looking through them. All along they have been in my posession and I cherish them as much as I cherish her.

Being brought up from a dad that worked as a painter and a mom as a housewife I didnt really have everything I wanted so I would hand fix anything I couldn't have or find or anything my imagination put me up to. I used to build doll houses out of cardboard boxes! What life tought me is that what really counts is growing up with good values, love and harmony and those I had to the fullest.

In the year 2000 a head stroke confined my father to the chair therefore ruining our plans of returning to the U.S. And so here I am a mom to 2 wonderful boys, a wife to a hard working husband and a devoted artisan with a great passion... handcrafting uniquely made soft leather flat shoes.

My work is inspired by art, nature, blending beautiful colors. Completely custom made and with respect to the nature of each human body.

I love working with unique textiles, cotton canvas, linen, hemp,  designing fashion clothing, knitting and sewing.My top priority is using excellent quality materials in all of my works.

Life around us is always changing, and so do my shoe crafting ideas. Crafting new and uniquely made shoes keeps me happy and I hope to convey this feeling to people all around the world.

If  you wish to know more about me and my work, feel free to visit my facebook page, follow me on Twitter and Pinterest or visit my Jamjar shop.

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