Saturday, April 30, 2011

Etsy Treasury - "Royal wedding" - A collection filled with royal inspiration honoring the greatest fairytale event!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Brochure design for "The Appoloniatisses" co-operative by Irene P.

It was my pleasure and honor to design a brochure for the "First Agrotouristic
 co-operative of the women of Apollona village in the Dodecanese  "The Appoloniatisses"
Anybody visiting Rhodos Greece - a beautiful sun filled island in the Dodecanese- should absolutely try their products! Here's how it started:

In June 2005, a group of dynamic women from Apollona, a mountainous village on the island
of Rhodes, created the first Agrotouristic co-op on the Dodecanese region.

The women of Apollona, utilizing the products of their village and working in a modern,
traditional workshop, revive traditional recipes which have been handed down from generation
to generation to create products of high qualityusing pure raw materials produced locally
without preservatives and dyes.

The co-op's goal is to enhance the local economy and to spread and promote the traditional regional products.


Melekouni (a traditional pasteli sweet
      made of sesame and honey)
2.   Olive oil,  olives, honey, suma, dried beans 
      (local products of Apollona).
3.    Jams and marmalades
4. Orange, tangerine and lemon liquor with suma
      (a strong alcoholic drink made using grapes).
5.    Traditional bakery products
6. Traditional bread
7.    Fried pastry and macaroon sweets.
8. Trachanas (a thick grain and yogurt based soup) and
      Pligouri (bulgur wheat, a pre-cooked, hydro thermally,
       pretreated wheat)
9. Herbs (Oregano, mint, sage and bay leaf )

Monday, April 18, 2011

Free Mother's Day printable card

Print, share and enjoy these cute mother's day cards I designed for you!

Etsy Treasury - "Precious cargo"

My bunny rabbit clay bowl was featured in a stunning treasury list!
Beautiful collection curated by etsy seller JPwithlove
Thank you for the wonderful inspiration!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

New craftluxuries Etsy shop listing - Easter bunny rabbit clay bowl

This clay easter bunny bowl was designed by me and embossed with a beautiful lace design. It is made of Fimo air drying clay and covered with glossy shiny glaze.
It can make a great easter gift. Fill it with easter treats and wrap it it in colorful transparent paper tied with fancy ribbons.
You can also use it for many other occassions like a baby shower gift or a birthday present.
Or keep it for your personal use like in the bathroom or on your night table to hold little things like rings or earrings.
It's a cute embelishment and decor peace for your house.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

New craftluxuries Etsy shop listing - Easter egg clay ornament

A one of a kind handcrafted easter egg.
I carefully molded this egg from air drying clay, then embossed a design onto it and embelished it with faceted czech beads, seed beads, pearls and millefiori beads. The inside is hollow so it is lightweght.

Makes a great decoration for the easter table or a beautiful addition to your easter egg collection!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Free blog backround template - Blue beige damask

Here's a newly created background for you to use on your blog!
Click on image to enlarge and then right click to save to your computer.
Click HERE for easy instructions on how to add this Background to your Blog.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Easter is in the air! Easter crafts, gift ideas

I thought I'd share some inspiration with you. Here are some of the craft designs I made for the upcoming Easter holidays. We sometimes have litttle gifts to give our loved ones but no idea how to package or present them. This little cardboard house could be great to hold any gift-maybe even something treasured like an engagement ring! Or better yet, a cloissonne Easter egg! One of my favorites. I will be posting some soon. I bought them from a great store downtown and I think they make wonderful and afordable presents. I haven't listed this in my etsy shop yet but whoever is interested can contact me
The egg ornament is made of Fimo air drying clay. I formed the designs by pressing on it different kinds of toy parts that my boys play with and, after it dryed completely, I drew on it with aqualux porelain finish liquid colors. Leave some comments! I'd love to hear your opinion! 

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