Friday, March 23, 2012

Featured etsy artist and seller - Tina of Redbytina

Introducing Tina of etsy shop Redbytina
When I first viewed Tina's shop I fell in love with the colors she uses in her jewelry and accessories.
She makes fabulous wrap bracelets and feather jewelry in shades of teal, bright purple, pink and orange (which seems to be the color trend this season).
Tina is an Industrial Design Graduate who loved making jewelry several years ago. Since then she has been collecting materials and inspirations where ever she goes. Her handmade accessories will surely add some color and sparkle to anyones life. Here are some of her wonderful creations:

Vintage Inspired Red Rose Cabochon Flower Adjustable Statement Cocktail Ring

 New Spring Collection Layered Opera Necklace - Turquoise

 Lollipop - Aqua Blue Recycled Thread Earrings

 Chann Luu Inspired Beaded Wrap Bracelet - Retro Orange Glass Bead Four Wrap Bracelet

 Braided Wrap Bracelet - Chan Luu Inspired Boho Chic Pink Facet Crystal Bracelet with white cord

 Best Value on Etsy - Beaded Leather Four Wrap Bracelet Mix Earth Tone Stone Chan Luu Inspired

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