1. How to make a relief frame using cardboard paper

It really looks like a wooden or clay antique! It's beauty is in it's imperfections! It's a 3D frame, that could also become a mirror. Below are the instructions on how to fix this with cheap material like glue, water and newspapers. The results are stunning!

Materials :
  • compressed paper or even better cardboard paper from boxes
  • newspapers
  • double-sided tape
  • liquid paper glue
  • plaster
  • 2 flat hard brushes
  • a round pointy brush
  • acrylic paint in a brownish clay color
  • gold acrylic varnish
  • cutter

  • sandpaper
Copy the shapes FROM THE TEMPLATE for every one of the 3 layers of the frame and transfer them to the cardboard paper. With the cutter cut out the shapes.

Place the pieces one on top of the other as shown above to form layers. Paste them using the double-sided tape.


Cut strips of newspaper, wet them and let them dry a bit. Place the strips on top of the cardboard  in 1 or 2 layers and brush the liquid paper glue on top using the flat brush.


Let dry for 1 or 2 days and then lay a coat of plaster on top with the flat brush. After it has dried rub with the sandpaper to make the surface smoother.


Dissolve the brown acrylic paint in water and using the second flat brush paint the frame, forming brush streaks. When it has completely dried, decorate with different kinds of shapes and art using the gold varnish and round pointy brush. Another alternative  is to cover it with gold leaf for a more lustrious appearance.

2. How to turn your wool knits into felt

Take a piece of wool knit which you have bought or knitted yourself and turn it into felt. The procedure is so simple and the results are so unique.
First of all you need wool yarn. It doesnt have to be 100% wool but but it should be at least 70%.
Through this procedure your knitted wool will shrink so it's best that you measure the piece before and after using a sample piece so you know how much the shrinkage will be.
Whatever yarn size you use your needles should be 2 sizes higher than the size you would normally use. Don't worry if your design comes out baggy, in the end it will shrink enough t olook perfect and all imperfections will disappear.


This is the easiest method for shrinking wool knits. The temperature needed depends on the yarn you will be using. Basically you should use 85 degree temperature, not higher, or else your knit may loose its color. So pop your creation in the washing machine and let it do its work. If in the end the shrinkage isn't the desired one , you can put it in the washing machine again and repeat the same procedure until it looks like real felt.


I f you are a beginner and not sure about the washing machine method you can do it by hand. Fill a big pot will boiled water, put on a pair of gloves, add detergent soap and soak your knit. Leave it for a a while and then rub it together, as if you were washing it, for about 10 minutes, let it rest and rub it again. When it has shrunk to the desired size rinse it with cold water.

I love this christmas wreath by theribbonretreatblog. Get the tutorial here

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