Friday, March 9, 2012

Fish Leather - The new upcoming trend this season!

I would like to introduce you to a wonderful etsy seller, Kellie, the owner of Fineleathers - a shop full of beautiful and exotic eco friendly, vegan fish leather. How interesting it was for me to fall upon this brilliant piece of leather. what is more interesting is that it is just like cowhide leather. Kellie is from beautiful southern California. She is a lover of all things handmade, art and vintage, enjoys spending crafty nights with friends and the community and is a great person overall!

These skins are extremely strong and durable! When you get to feel these luxurious textures of suede and vegetable glazed leathers, and smell the natural leather smell (it smells just like cowhide leather, not a fishy smell), you will want to make something amazing out of them! There is a wide variety of colors to choose from (over 100 colors) and several different textures including suede, glazed, sparkled, pearlescent and foiled. Each skin is unique in its size, color and texture. 

This season's trend calls for using using exotic animal prints in high end products. 
Their mission and hopes lies in helping local artisans, the environment, and recycle what they can for the next generation's well being....all the while making beautiful art...what else could we ask for? 

you can visit Kellie's shop here 

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